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Use Our Platform and Get the Most Out of Your Ad Budget.

Download here Offermio

Offermio features

Offermio is an all-in-one app for any offer you may desire

Easy Access

Anytime & Anywhere
Offermio give you the freedom to access our platform anywhere & anytime in the world. Make sure your internet + GPS are online to ensure a smooth use of our application

You decide what you see

No more Spam!
We don't like to see things that we are not interested in, that's why we have created for everyone their own "Advertisement Preferences". No more spam, never! That's a promise.

No hidden costs

Free for Offermio Followers
Our Application for the customers, named Offermio Followers, is completely free to download & to use. Make sure to find us in the Google Play Store & the Apple Store.

Push Notification

Our Special Feature
Offermio Businesses can opt in to use the Push Notification. When an Offermio Follower follows the category you advertise in and gets close to your company, the follower receives a notification. 

About Offermio

Learn more about our application

Offermio has been created by a group of likeminded people, who all wanted to have all available offers-advertisments in one application instead of spending hours browsing in different browsers and apps.
Also no more spam, YOU decide what interests you and what you want to see on your wall. Fair prices for ALL the companies, so that even the smallest company can compete with the biggest companies.
Also our Push Notification system is something we are extremely proud of, long story short our special system will make sure that you actually get people directed to your company who are interested. How convenient!

It all started in 2018, as we wanted to transform our idea into a real application. Beneficial to both companies and consumers.
It is free to use for all users and we wanted that no one ever got spammed with anything that doesn't interest the person using our application.

By offering every service / product that you can think of, we were able to decrease all the prices for being enlisted on our platform. No longer does companies need to spend tons on pay per click marketing or other low targetting marketing strategies.
We already have a place for you on our platform, for only 5 euro per week.
And you don't pay anything extra, not even when you gained hundreds of sales! That's all your hard earned profit and we like to see that profit completely remain yours.

Also with the advertisement preferences for the Offermio Followers it's so much easier to decide what you want to see on your wall when you are browsing all the offers. With a country, price and kilometer filter you can already specify your search journey and within a few months we will have specific filters for ALL categories. We can't wait to release them!

Watch a video on how to use our app

Watch the video and see how easy it is to use our application.
It is simple to use as an Offermio User but just as easy as an Offermio Business.